Course curriculum

  1. DTH00 - Introduction

  2. DTH01 | Biblical Prophecy

  3. DTH02 | Foreign Mission

  4. DTH03 | Four Views on the Apostle Paul

  5. DTH04 | The Men and Women of the Bible

  6. DTH05 | The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

About this course

  • 12 pmts x 207.91
  • 37 lessons


Sean Alexander

Certified Instructor

Sean Alexander, Ph.D., is first and foremost a businessman, and an internationally renowned professional speaker specializing in Profit & Growth of companies of varying sizes. As an Organizational Consultant and Business Coach Sean has consulted with many of the top companies of the world, and he himself owns three thriving companies. He has provided timely and pertinent information to many of the world's largest organizations like: Chaplains International, EFG Capital, Promed Healthcare Services, US Army, The Associates, IBM, Barnett Bank, Burger King Corporation, Southeast Toyota, Wachovia Bank, Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Outreach International Ministries, and American Express.

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